Super Natural Calcium


Plant Based Calcium Powder

Super Natural Calcium provides COMPLETELY natural calcium from a single plant. It is a vegan-approved alternative to synthetic forms of calcium ubiquitous in the dietary supplement industry today.

WHY IT'S SPECIAL: The calcium in Super Natural Calcium is supplied by Hydrilla verticillata, a rooted, freshwater plant that contains 15% elemental calcium on a dry weight basis. The material provides calcium (Ca) as it is found in nature, bound to carbohydrates, proteins and polyphenols in natural molecular complexes. Calcium in this form is more compatible with human digestion and metabolism than mineral compounds synthesized in the laboratory, e.g. calcium carbonate, calcium citrate, calcium malate, calcium gluconate, etc. The body's digestion and metabolism recognize calcium-containing molecular structures delivered by food as a result of adaptation to our food supply over millions of years.


Calcium compounds synthesized for commercial use such as calcium citrate, calcium citrate/malate, calcium aspartate, calcium orotate and other forms (apart from carbonate) found in supplements can be excellent sources of calcium. Indeed, some are, with absorption rates in the vicinity of 30%. At those levels, they favorably match milk and dairy products, which usually deliver around 32% of their calcium (The benefit of dairy foods is often lost, nevertheless. They bring with them an acidic metabolic load that can drain the body of calcium, reversing any benefit of calcium absorption from dairy foods.) 

But those synthesized, tableted calcium supplements still do not match the best food sources. Broccoli, Bok Choy, and Kale, for example, have fractional calcium absorption of 51.3%, 52.7% and 58.8% respectively. We can expect similar bioavailability from the plant, Hydrilla verticillata, the material that is Super Natural Calcium.

Can one get too much? 

Elevated blood calcium levels (hypercalcemia) through overconsumption of calcium (or rarely through chronically elevated urinary Ca excretion to the point of kidney calcification) manifests itself as constipation, lax muscle tone, copious urination, confusion, coma and ultimately, death. The condition has yet to develop through consumption of natural foods even in those populations whose indigenous diets daily deliver multiple grams of elemental calcium per day. 

Hypercalcemia has been seen only in association with overuse of synthetic (NOT plant-based) calcium supplements. The potently alkalinizing effect from long term use of high doses of tableted supplements can raise the pH of the urine, setting the stage for calcium deposition in the kidneys. Resulting damage retards elimination of calcium through normal pathways, raising blood calcium levels. 

Although hypercalcemia is rare, it does present an argument in favor of calcium supplementation through natural plant foods. Vibrant Health offers Super Natural Calcium as the best solution for a truly food form, plant based, and safe calcium supplement.


Super Natural Calcium can restore calcium nutrition in a form human biochemistry recognizes and utilizes. The mineral is needed by all humans, at all times, at all age levels. However, calcium supplementation becomes a focus for women after age 30 and for men after age 40, the demarcation points where population studies tell us we slip into negative calcium balance (i.e. the loss of more calcium through the urine than is absorbed by the GI tract.). We expect, therefore, that adults will be especially interested in Super Natural Calcium.


Rich source of highly bioavailable, natural, whole food, plant source calcium.

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